Looking Forward

2020 wasn’t meant to be like this.

In March of this year there was a buzz around Dempster Park that something had changed, there was genuine excitement for what the Roadrunners could do on-field in 2020, but as we all know that wasn’t how things turned out.

For Senior Men’s coach Ange Messina though, he is not interested in worrying about what might have been, he is looking forward to what his chargers can do in 2021.

“We go into season 2021 no longer hoping to win games of footy but expecting it”.

Ange Messina

“It has been a unique year that none of us could have ever envisaged” Messina said, “Like everyone there have been good days and some challenging days along the way but they have reminded me that I have much in my life to be grateful for”.

When asked about what he could take out of the cancelled 2020 season, Messina said “the positives we can take out of this shutdown have been the opportunity to build stronger relationships with the coaching and playing group and the opportunity to review both our pre-season & playing list”.

Ange Messina talks to the playing group during pre-season

“Also, after a solid preseason we have the opportunity to sell the re-launch of the club to prospective recruits for season 2021, all on the back of the hard work of the playing group leading into the cancelled 2020 season” he said.

“We’re a young side and our strategy going into season 2021 has not changed. I am still looking forward watching these young men go out and play footy and set a foundation for the club to build on for years to come” Messina said.

“We go into season 2021 no longer hoping to win games of footy but expecting it”.

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